Ecological jeans, what are they? What makes jeans ecological? The ecology of jeans is largely based on the way jeans are made and the main raw material for jeans, cotton.

Ecological jeans can be found in the Piece Of Jeans online store range. One of our core values and customer promises is to be an ecological denim brand. What makes the jeans ecological is that the material of the jeans is reused, already manufactured and de-de-textile denim. Piece Of Jeans utilizes denim waste and makes new ecological jeans from old jeans. The range of ecological jeans includes jeans for both women and men.


Making brand new jeans from cotton onwards is often not very ecological, because there is a very high probability that the entire production of jeans and the cultivation of cotton have taken place in really poorly developed countries in the Middle East, where occupational safety and the ethical principles of manufacturing are not being fully served. But since these jeans have already been produced in the world once, they are not even throwing these jeans into mixed waste, but reusing them with stunning flamboyance.


FROM USED AND RECYCLED JEANS NEW ECOLOGICAL JEANS Wouldn't it be a wonderful feeling to wear ecological and responsible jeans and save the

world's drinking water reserves tens of thousands of litres?

Did you know that in the two largest low-cost countries, India and China, up to 120 trillion litres, or 120 000 000 000 000 000 litres, are used to make new jeans every year.

One new pair of jeans consumes about 10,450 litres of clean drinking water to complete. However, jeans are a daily everyday garment for many people, but at the same time they are one of the most unecological clothing in the world.

One truck load per second is dumped in a landfill. Did you know that extending the lifespan of clothes by only nine months would reduce the carbon and water footprint and the amount of waste by up to 20-30%. So let's not throw old broken jeans in the trash. Let's re-use old jeans in a stunningly spectacular and, above all, ecological way.




definition of ecological jeans refers to jeans, the manufacture of which consumes as few natural resources as possible, such as water. The definition of ecological jeans also looks to the future and also defines ecology based on the longevity of jeans. Jeans should be reusable, repairable or recyclable so that landfilled jeans do not continue to consume the decreasing resources of nature, while causing greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect to intensify.


ECOLOGICAL JEANS SUMMARY: Ecological jeans take into account the depleted reus rssis of nature during the manufacture phase of

  • jeans Ecological jeans are intended to be long-lasting. Denim is timeless and of high quality as a material, which enables the recycling and reuse of jeans, making jeans long-lasting Ecological jeans must be recyclable or reusable Ecological jeans and other stranded materials Ecological jeans are at best used jeans or parts of
  • jeans and reuse. Ecologically utilising old jeans reduces the environmental load caused by making a new product Ecological jeans are a large entity consisting of making jeans, distributing jeans and using them towards further
  • processing of jeans, avoiding the end product of denim material ending up in landfill.


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