What factors can be used to identify responsible fashion? What are the means to choose responsible fashion? Responsible fashion as a word also includes the concepts of ecological fashion and ethical fashion.

Responsible fashion takes into account both people and the environment. Responsibility the clothing industry can therefore be viewed from three major perspectives: social, economic and environmental responsibility perspectives.


ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE CLOTHING INDUSTRY A company that takes environmental responsibility into account takes climate change into account in its

entire operations, from manufacturing processes to energy efficiency. The main means of mitigating climate change is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere and then reduce its own carbon footprint.

As an environmentally responsible operator, the company therefore has a duty to protect soil, water and the atmosphere from emissions and to use natural resources sparingly. From the point of view of environmental responsibility, logistics, i.e. transport, must also be handled as ecologically as possible. This is influenced by packaging materials and the choice of mode of transport.

Environmental responsibility is also implied by whether the product is ready in stock for several months before it receives a user, or whether the product may not be manufactured according to the consumer's dimensions until the order arrives. An example of this is custom-made clothing.




INDUSTRY The company is always made up of people, so social responsibility is important in every business, and therefore also in the clothing industry. However, there are no perfect people, there are no perfect companies, but expressing one's own values and achieving them better and better is also part of responsibility. Responsibility to develop.

This makes it more difficult to define social responsibility in these three areas of social responsibility. Social responsibility includes occupational health, education, working conditions, lifelong learning and occupational safety.


Moona Kansanen, Entrepreneur, founder of the brand.


THE CLOTHING INDUSTRY Financial responsibility includes taking care of the profitability of the business, competitive ride and strategic efficiency of the business. It is clear that a company can only take care of its own social and environmental responsibility if its economic performance is at least some way good. Legal affairs, tax liability and the payment of taxes are also important pillars of financial responsibility. Business is taxed along several different paths.



The garment used is also a responsible choice. Second-hand clothes and their circulation can be promoted in many ways they can be taken to a flea market, given on loan, exchanged with a friend or repaired. One of the examples of such a circular economy is also Piece Of Jeans. Piece Of Jeans uses the jeans used as a raw material by processing the jeans as a material by means of the most long-lasting repair and editing possible, which is the least burdensome in terms of environmental impact. "One man's rubbish is another man's treasure," then, is true. Recycling and repairing is also a great way to define your own style, an eco-deed that is easy to stay true to.

It goes without saying that a responsibly produced garment costs more than irresponsibly produced cheap fashion. It is also self-evident, however, that this is not how the world will continue. We just need to move on to more recycling, reform of manufacturing methods and more responsible clothing choices. Environmental impacts will be increasingly visible in prices in the future, and in curbing the fast fashion craze.

In the future, second-hand clothing is unlikely to be available for a few more euros to the same extent as it is today, as clothing production and the law are living through a period of great change. The law dictates us to act more responsibly, which also means price increases. Environmental impacts can be compensated, but it costs money.

By buying from responsible companies, you are creating new jobs for a better future! By choosing Piece Of Jeans, you can certainly thank yourself for a sustainable eco-work that benefits not only yourself but many others, in other words the whole planet. By choosing Piece Of Jeans, you will get above all longer serving jeans or other clothing, take the environment into account and the employee who made the garment will receive fair treatment.