What is the price of responsible fashion and fast fashion? Many simplify the price of a garment to consist only of its manufacture: "How can this garment be so expensive to make? Or "Why do they ask for so much cover for a garment?"

What factors can be used to identify responsible fashion? What are the means to choose responsible fashion? Responsible fashion takes into account both people and the environment. Responsibility the clothing industry can therefore be viewed from three major perspectives: social, economic and environmental responsibility perspectives.

The production of jeans in low-cost countries is one of the biggest uses of cotton cultivation. The cotton field requires a lot of water and care in the form of various pesticides and chemicals, making it one of the most water consuming and most polluting industries on earth. Unfortunately, however, the story does not end there.
The journey of jeans from cotton to the finished product involves many stages, most of which are harmful to the environment. The most harmful is the process of bleaching jeans, which requires a large amount of water and is at the same time dangerous for people who are in contact with the chemicals needed for bleaching. Read on, Did you know these facts about jeans and how to make jeans. Do you know in which country your jeans are made? In low-cost production, there is talk of an irresponsible clothing industry.