1. Choose the color and style you want for your jeans (see style and color examples from the images). Saumurted = stitch on the surface. Seamless = stitches turned behind pieces.

2. Add the desired product to your cart, fill in your contact information, and sign for the products as paid for. Verify that the phone number and e-mail address are spelled correctly.

3. You will receive a confirmation email. At the same time, you made a request for us to contact us. You can now wait to contact us. We will email you in person within 12 hours of receiving your order.

4. By email, we will send you further specific questions regarding the model of the jeans, the colour chosen and the wishes to implement the jeans. If you don't know how to choose the right color when you place your subscription (or you don't think that combination of blue, black, and grey is available), then it's possible to change it at this point in contact. So when you make your purchase, you can choose the colour and style without any worries, and then make sure it's right together.

5. In the email you will receive detailed instructions on how to take body sizes, or you can read them tentatively here. "You don't have to be afraid of custom-made - you can really tell the difference in standard size clothes, and it's easy to take measurements. Succeeds from your own sofa"

6. All your desires for the fit of jeans, the model of the hem and the "accessories" of jeans can be taken into account. Accessories refer to the model of the waistband (rubber band/normal), belt buckle positions, pockets (front and/or back pockets, only one pocket).

7. HOX! It is also possible to make jeans using your own ideal trousers as a model. We ask about your willingness to do so while sending you measurement instructions for your body by email.

If you have any questions - you can contact us immediately via messenger or email pieceofjeans@outlook.com. We will respond within a few hours, on a weekday and over the weekend. N.B! We are unable to deliver and sell custom-made products abroad.