Piece Of Jeans custom jeans are made to order, customised for your body. All work is done manually and the material is 100% recycled denim. The main raw material for the reused jean is cotton, which also makes the jeans vegan. The constant care and irrigation of the cotton field is one of the world's largest consumers of drinking water. Did you know that making one new pair of jeans consumes about 10,850 liters of clean drinking water - and this ferocious amount of water can be saved by fashion jeans made of recycled jeans. That 10,850 litres would be enough for one person to have three months of shower water or 17 years of drinking water.

All recycled denim fabrics we use are washed, disinfected, cut and assembled into a new fabric. Each product made as a measuring order is unique in appearance , so the jeans put on by the models are just one example of Piece's placement. However, all the jeans we manufacture are in line with the shades promised by the sales images. Attention has been paid to the durability of the seam wire of the jeans assembled from the pieces. The square denim pieces are sewn together with Perma Core 75 tension-resistant yarn. Jeans are also really easy to patch, which further extends the life cycle of the product. We deliver a couple of pre-sauted spare pieces with each product.

The jeans are assembled from two pieces of fabric from the left and right bay pieces, in which case the only seam is the crotch + inner bay seam. The omission of the outer seam ensures seamless continuity of the pattern on the outer edge of the thigh. Jeans contain both rigid and strech denim . The addition and precise design of Strech denim pieces ensures the fit, comfort and small elasticity of the jeans. Based on the experiences of customers, reused and washed denim has been found to be a wonderfully soft and comfortable material against the skin.

The fabric gives a little flexibility, but is not rigid. The model's more detailed wishes will be asked at the contact stage. Separate waistband and lower back shape shoots. The waist height is determined by the crotch seam (front and back). Belt buckle positions at the waist. Pockets according to your wishes. Zipper and button or rubber band waist according to your wishes.

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