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- Custom dress stand out from the party people and get ready for the party in time. Trendy, unique, personal and ecological dress for everyday life and celebration.

Here's what to do when ordering a custom dress: Choose the color of the dress you want (see fabric color examples of jeans, for example), add the dress to your cart, fill in your contact information, pay and wait to contact us. We will email you instructions on how to take body dimensions within 1 business day.

From the customer "Hello! The dress I ordered got through, and not only fulfilled that, but also exceeded expectations - thank you! Perfect for a rock-minded business woman's garderoob!"

See here pictures of what kind of photos of dresses we have received from customers.


Denim dresses made of ecologically recycled second-hand jeans can be made in the shade of the jeans you want. Shade options include light blue, dark blue and black-grey denim fabric. The possibility is also to make the dress as a mixture of all previous denim fabrics. When choosing a colour, you should also look at the product images of other products, so you can get a good idea of the colour.

The dresses, sewn by measuring order and hand, are made in two different styles with saumurs (pieces stitched on top of each other) or unspoilt (so-passed in) edges. After purchase, the style is selected by email at the same stage as we give instructions on how to take body dimensions. We will send you instructions on how to take body dimensions within one business day of your order. At the same time, we ask your wishes regarding the model of the denim dress and the style of the denim pieces. The model of the dress can therefore be customized according to your wishes the neckline model, hem length, sleeve length/sleeveless, pockets/no pockets, tightness of the dress,...

"Offering a custom order is an important part of the responsible clothing industry. If clothes are seized, why not seed them for need, and directly according to the dimensions of their wearer. No more unnecessary fittings, returns and clothes tumbls."

Recycled denim is washed, disinfected and dismembered. The jeans pieces are assembled into plaid pieces by creating a new and ecological patchwork fabric. Plaid denim dresses are made to order, so their manufacture does not begin until you place an order.


Each custom-made dress is unique in appearance to its individuals, and made according to the wishes of its wearer. Patchwork dresses donned by models are just examples of dress implementations and placements of square patches. Attention has been paid to the durability of the seam wire of the pieces. The pieces are quilted together with a tens of strength perma Core 75 yarn, which makes the dress a very responsible and time-resistant quality product for recycling design.

The denim dress includes both stiff and strech denim. Adding Strech pieces and designing it with precision ensures the fit and comfort of a durable dress even when sitting and moving. The dress fabric is not rigid in nature, but as a whole it is a really nice garment on top. For the lightest piece of the dress, a stylish brand logo is printed.

Based on our customer tests, recycled or reused denim fabric has been found to be a very comfortable and soft material against the skin. It's not itchy. Because the fabric has been recycled and it has been on top of someone before, the fibres of the fabric have already softened in use compared to their first users of brand new denim products. This means that the fabric cycle even improves the properties of the material and the comfort of wearing a jean!

Custom products do not have the right to exchange or return because they are manufactured according to the customer's dimensions. Free shipping. Delivery time of custom products 3-6 weeks. Order now, and you can also pay later or in parts. By ordering the product, you agree to the general terms and conditions of your online store.

Manufactured in a Finnish-owned and Finnish-supervised sewing factory in Poland, at the heart of the European textile industry, using responsible and ethical production methods. For seamsers, healthy and safe production conditions, which are made possible by Finnish ownership.


1. Select the desired dress color

2. Add the product to your cart and fill in your contact

information 3. Pay either in an online bank or by credit card. You will receive a confirmation email from the order.

4. Wait for us to contact us. We will contact you by email within 1-2 business days of your order. We will ask you by email about your wishes regarding the dress and take them into account. You can influence these things, among others: hem length, sleeve length/sleeveless, neckline shape,... On the back of the dress, we add a zipper. We also ask and provide more information about dress seaming options: seamless (examples in dress product images) vs saumurred pieces (examples in jeans product images).

Blog on the topic: "How do I measure a pelvic circumference? What about the waist circumference?"

Or perhaps you'd be interested to hear "How is the production of custom clothing progressing in the use?"


How do you wash your jeans? Can jeans be left unwashed, or how often are jeans recommended to be washed?

Denim fabric does not need to be washed as often as other most common clothing materials. Recycled denim fabric is soft on the skin, and the material hopes to be ventilated and handwashed. Clear stains should be washed locally in the pool.

Denim fabric is best resistant as a material when washed as little as possible in the washing machine. However, recycled denim can withstand machine washing. Always wash the jeans at a maximum of 40 degrees with other shades of mouth. Too hot water and powdered detergents are the main reasons that lighten the denim fabric. It is worth favouring liquid detergents. It is not advisable to add rinsing agent to the wash, and it is not advisable to add the jeans to the tumble dryer. Spinning on the drum consumes fabric and makes the denim fabric fragile.

Dry the jeans horizontally. When washing by hand, try rolling on the floor of the washroom or pressing the jeans as dry as possible. Twisting and twisting the fabric is not good for the fibres in the denim fabric. Take jeans and other denim fabric products horizontally to dry, for example on sauna benches. A water-filled denim fabric, such as jeans, does not stretch your jeans.

Patchwork products can also be ironed. It is advisable to adjust two points for the iron. Material 100% recycled denim with cotton as the main raw material. Vegan.

Washing machines consume a lot of water, and it is also important to reduce unnecessary water consumption from the basics of ecological and responsible clothing maintenance. One basic machine of laundry consumes about 100 litres of water, and the eco-programme also consumes about 50 litres. These reasons are one more reason for me to avoid washing jeans too often.


We only deliver orders to Finland, Åland Islands, the rest of Europe and the United States. The delivery of orders is arranged by Suomen Posti, Matkahuolto. Delivery is free of charge to the customer if the destination is Finland. Separate postage will be added to orders outside Finland and to the Åland Islands.



The most common order processing times, depending on the order and order date, are 1-2 business days. After processing the order, the shipment can be picked up within 2-5 business days of delivery of the order. Delivery of custom clothing only 3-6 weeks. When filling in the order form, the customer insures the address information as correct.

Åland, Rest of Europe and the United States:

The most common order processing times, depending on the order and order date, are 1-2 business days. After processing the order, the shipment can be picked up within 7-14 business days of the order's delivery. We cannot manufacture and deliver custom clothing outside Finland. When filling in the order form, the customer insures the address information as correct. We are not responsible for delays caused by force majeantity or for indirect disadvantages caused by delays.


Products are ordered online by moving products to the shopping cart and filling in the order form with your own contact information. The order is paid for using the payment methods in use. After a successful order, an order confirmation will be sent to your email. To send confirmation messages, you must provide an email address when ordering. When the order form arrives, we process the order and send the product to the stated postal address. The telephone number is collected only for sending a postal arrival notification.


All customer data is treated confidentially. The contact information in demand in connection with the order is not used for purposes other than order delivery or to investigate any ambiguities that occur in the order. When ordering from an online store, you are required to familiarise yourself with and commit to the terms of delivery in force at any time.


You have the right to exchange or return all or part of your order within 14 days of receiving your order in accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. The right of return applies only to unused and marketable products in original condition, the return of which has been notified to us within 14 days of receiving the order. Custom products do not have the right to exchange or return because they are manufactured according to the dimensions provided by the customer. We will give instructions on how to take measurements by email. The customer measures himself and confirms that his measurements are correct. The exchange/refund is paid to the customer. Once the return has arrived at the warehouse, the price of the product will be credited to the customer's account in full.


Fill in the contact form/return notification at the bottom of the page. In your return notification, enter your customer number (#nro found in the order confirmation sent to the email), your name and contact information for refunding the money. Also, add information about whether to return or replace the product you purchased.

After we process your return notification, you will receive a confirmation notification in your email. Once you have received the confirmation email, you can take the returned product to the post office/parcel machine.

Sender information and address:
Phone number
Recipient information and return address:
Piece Of Jeans Oy
Atomikatu 1 E 40
33720 TAMPERE (This is also postcode to pickup)
+358 400 159 594 pieceofjeans@outlook.com
Payment will be refunded once the returned product has arrived back and found to be fit for sale. The fee should be visible within 7 business days of it being posted. In case of exchange, the new product will be delivered to the post office after the return has arrived.


If the product does not match your order, you must notify us of the error/return within 14 days of arrival. Follow the return terms and fill in the return notification at the bottom of the page. If the package has been damaged/lost in the mail or during transport, a complaint must be made immediately to the post office. The company is not liable for damages damages damaged in the transport of mail. Possible faults or errors will be investigated and a suitable solution will be found. In the event of a fault, consumer customers are assisted by consumer advice (kkv.fi/kuluttajaneuvonta) and ultimately it is possible to refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board (kuluttajariita.fi).



Fill in the return notification below after reading the return instructions above.

In the message field, paste your customer number (#nro in the order confirmation sent to the email), your name and contact information for refunding the money. Also, add information about whether to return or replace the product you purchased.


Would you like to dress fashionably and ecologically? Dressing and looks matter to all of us. Now it can be done in a spectacular and environmentally friendly way. The recycling and responsible dressing on the surface have now arrived in denim fashion!



1. Did you know that in the two largest low-cost countries, India and China, it takes about 35% of the world's total cotton production to manufacture brand new denim fabrics. Maintaining a cotton field consumes a lot of water and causes unnecessary water consumption. In India and China alone, up to 120 trillion litres, or 120 000 000 000 000 000 litres, are used annually to maintain a cotton field.

Making each brand new jeans consumes about 10,850 litres of clean drinking water, equivalent to three months of showers for one person or 17 years of drinking water.


2. Did you know that globally, textile waste is dumped in a landfill with one truck load per second. Let's not throw broken jeans into mixed waste, but recycle them into new and stunning recycling design products.

"How would you feel about walking around town, bragging about wearing ecological jeans, and saving the world's drinking water reserves tens of thousands of litres and reducing textile waste by hundreds of thousands of kilos?"

Piece Of Jeans is inspired by these very ideas. Denim is a durable material that enables the recycling and reuse of denim fabric. Cheap fashion and textile waste face challenges, poor working conditions, high environmental impacts, and above all it is more consuming than sustainable. Cheap garment is easy to buy but equally easy to throw away. Have you thought about how many cheap fashion jeans you could not buy instead of single durable and ecological brand jeans?

The products are manufactured in a Finnish-owned sewing plant in Poland using responsible and ethical production methods. For seamsers, healthy and safe production conditions, which are made possible by Finnish ownership.

Finnish brand. Finnish model-protected design. Ecological and responsible choice. "Jeans New Jeans" - Piece Of Jeans. Rethink, Reuse, Recycle.


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