A-BODY TYPE A body type is characterized by petted shoulders, small

breasts, a narrow waist and flamboyant hips, as well as a round butt or thick thighs. The so-called centre of gravity of the body is lowered at the thigh and pelvic points. Usually, the lower part can be a couple of size numbers larger than the seated clothes on the upper body.


A-BODY TYPE Choose jeans with a normal height or slightly lower waist. Bootcut, a wide-leg denim model or sturdy straw jeans, is perfect for highlighting your beautiful legs. Flexible elastic strech denim material brings comfort when wearing trousers. If, on the other hand, you want trousers to balance the proportions of your body, prefer straight-leg jeans.

Curvy hips and a waist model with crease/rubber bands provide comfort and space for hips in larger sizes, but at the same time the necessary adjustment for a narrowing waist. So-called boyfriend jeans are also suitable for shapely curves.

The dark shade of the jeans makes your legs narrower, especially if you wear a lighter top. The high curve makes the short-legged look taller. If you want to curb the round butt when choosing jeans, look at the position of the back pockets, that they are in a straight line and completely in the middle and not closer to the lower back.



the H-body type, it is common for the shoulder width to be equal to the width of the pelvis. Petite and small breasts and a harmonious butt are very common for an H-body. In general, people of type H have long slender legs that make it difficult to find trousers long enough for their body. Otherwise, the top and bottom are usually the same clothing size.


TYPE The ideal H-body jeans are normal or low-waisted. A wide waistband is a great solution if you want to bring out more of your waistline. Also in styling favored belts, it creates an effect that breaks the straight body model. Otherwise, it is easy for an H-body type person to choose from many denim models.

The straight waist area makes you pay more attention to the hip-waist ratio of your jeans. Check that the jeans have at least a straight sizing of the hip and waist line to fit the jeans from the waist as well. This can be seen in the jeans visually how far above the pelvis the model starts to curve in the so-called "hips". inwards towards the waist.

An exception to this is flexible rubber band waist jeans, which allow many different body types, including H-body, to fit in jeans.

Finally, it is also worth paying attention to the back pockets, larger pockets can accentuize the butt, while small pockets can reduce.

O-BODY TYPE There is always another body model hidden behind the

O-body type, which is faded by the abundance of the middle body. This characteristic features of the body type are slender legs, a generous bosa and a round abdomen. The waist doesn't stand out much. The size of the garment may be a couple of sizes smaller than the bottom. Often, O-bodies are guided in dressing to focus on accessories such as earrings and accentuation of legs.


an O-body, it's a good idea to prefer jeans with elasticity at the waist. A slightly lower waist than normal also brings a little more length to short-backed people. High-waisted jeans easily make a bag under the lower green, so the low-waisted ones sit and probably feel much more comfortable.

Straight-line full-length body-sitting jeans give a narrow impression. Also, clearly shorter legs that break halfway through the ankle reveal petted ankles. The asymmetry of jeans, different patterns and textures are a great choice that draws attention away from the body itself.

The O-body should avoid details, especially in the waist area, so as not to pay attention to the middle part. It is advisable to make sure that the pockets are at a good height and of a harmonious size. For example, a small butt fits large back pockets if you want to create more formality with them. Whereas the squeak in the pockets, or "tiltaus", where the pocket is tilted inwards, creates a more shapely impression.

The O-body should prefer a lighter color in jeans, especially if darker shades are used at the top. Slender beautiful belts that restore the lost waistline are suitable for styring.



TYPE The top and bottom parts are the same plate and harmonious. The waist stands out narrowly and the hips start to curve from the upper hip. There are shapes on the bosth and hips. From the side, the body has beautiful curvature.


X-body, unlike the rest, you might want to consider a high waist. A truly high waist that crosses the waistline is suitable for accentuing the waist. With a curvy waist, a narrow waistband is better suited. It is easy for an X-body type person to choose trousers, and there are often suitable ones in many different kinds.

However, there can be challenges with the right fit, as the waist-to-hip ratio is unique in this body type as well. Thus, the jeans that are suitable for this body model are mom jeans or carrot jeans with room for thighs, but also a narrow waist. A creased paper bag waist can be the most functional solution in this case too, as it brings looseness to the hips and is above all comfortable to wear.


The Y-body is characterized by narrower hips than shoulders, the so-called athlete's body. The waist and hips can be as narrow-line as petal long legs.

The back can often be short without curvature and the place of the waist can often be difficult to perceive. This body type is often slightly angular from its upper body. In clothing choices, the Y-body is favoured to bring softness to the top and firmness, as well as volume to the lower part.


Jeans FOR Y-BODY In terms of the fit of

Y-body jeans, it is worth considering that the jeans have a straight dimension in terms of hip and waist line. This is best seen visually when you look at how much your hips narrow as you go towards your waist.

When choosing jeans, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the legs get their rights. That's why it's a good idea to choose a Y-body pair of jeans that are thigh narrow and wider than your legs, i.e. wide-hefted bootcut jeans. Short-heeled so-called "culottes jeans" also balance the upper body through volume and air volume. A Y-body should avoid tying up and short-heck jeans as it takes your attention back to the angular upper body. Instead, straight full-length trousers are a more confident choice for this body type. The ideal length of the hem of jeans is when there are no wrinkles on the ankle.

Roundness and shape in the Y-body pelvis area are brought by boyfriend-style jeans. Slightly loose or low-waisted jeans fit on the narrow body. Pockets of low-waisted jeans can settle ideally and at the same time make an uplifting effect on the backside. A flatter butt is suitable if the pockets are lower. A slightly lowered crotch in a jean can also be a successful option, as it brings more length to the pelvic area.

Details, patterns, patterning or fabric texture also serve as great eye-turns. It's a good idea to prefer colors and combine the light color of your jeans, especially with a darker top.