A custom-made one? =By dimensions, manufacturing. I order the garment according to my own body dimensions.

For many, the word "custom-made" may sound like it is impossible to take body dimensions at home without the help of a professional. The general impression arises that the body should be scanned, for example in the manufacture of jeans, throughout the lower body area. However, it is worth trying to avoid this miscalculation, as taking measurements is in reality a very simple matter and easy to implement at home. You don't usually even need a friend to take the dimensions, but you can take them on your own.

Another reason why some may avoid ordering a measure is that you are a little ashamed of your own body, size or shapes. We're all different, it's very fine. No one has to be ashamed of their own body, quite the contrary. Difference is wealth. Clothing professionals make clothes for a wide range of body types, and if anyone understands and appreciates people's dimensions, sizes and shapes better than others. Garment manufacturing professionals also have first-hand experiences of how comfortable it is when the garment is actually made to their own dimensions, not to someone else's mould. It's the nicest thing about your own mould.

When ordering a measure, doubtful feelings for one's own body may even change for the better, when you can compliment yourself in front of a mirror that "jokes when I look good." The measuring order also provides emphasis on the best aspects of the body if desired, and masks the more problematic ones. The problem with permanent clothing is usually that at some point the garment is distressing and hanging on the other. When buying permanent sizes, you have to choose which one you can do better with. The advantage of the measuring order is that we are all, in reality, of different sizes and models, which is wealth. Custom-made is suitable for all body types apple body, pear body, hourglass body,...


Custom-made makes it possible to wear ideal clothing even longer when clothes that are distressing at the wrong point do not tear or the already big clothes stretch even further. Clothes of the wrong size usually lead to poor wear and poor life cycle of the garment, causing extra textile waste loads.

People who place a custom order are also appreciated and praised as "wau, wonderful". You can really tell the difference between clothes of standard sizes! At Piece Of Jeans, we have made clothes for our customers in a variety of garments, jeans for women, skirts, dresses, capers, denim jackets. For men, jeans and denim jackets.


Several shades. Model customizable according to wishes.


To unlock a little ease of taking measurements, we need the following dimensions to make jeans. The diagram below also makes it easier to take measurements. All dimensions are taken from the body with your underwear on, which means that the jeans are dimensioned to just the right layer of access. If, on the other hand, you order custom jeans for the winter, for example, and like to wear tights under your jeans, take the dimensions with your tights on. All dimensions are taken from the body without any resources for looseness. The desired looseness of the jeans and the model of the hem are agreed separately. So we need to know the exact dimensions of your body that we also know how to leave the amount of looseness agreed on in jeans.

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1. PELVIC CIRCUMFERENCE (UP TO BUTTOCKS) You can ensure that the pelvic circumference is taken at the right point if you can move the tape measure slightly up and down in the area of your pelvis without further

lengthening the measuring tape. If the length of the measuring tape length increases, take note of this measurement as the new, widest pelvic measure.

2. WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE Waist circumference usually poses the biggest

challenges, as it is often measured here and there. In the measuring order for jeans, the waist circumference is measured at the height at which you want the waist of the jeans to settle. If you want a low waist, measure the waist width from this lower height. If, on the other hand, you want a higher waist, measure the waist from this higher height. But let's take it as a firm measure.

3. THIGH CIRCUMFERENCE The widest circumference of the thigh, i.e. the so-called upper thigh, is sufficient in several cases to

dimension the thighs. If you want to make really slim fit jeans, then your upper and lower thighs (slightly above the knee) will be taken separately.

4. THE CIRCUMFERENCE The circumference of the

legs is measured approximately halfway between the legs, at the base. This circumference should be the widest of the legs.

5. ANKLE CIRCUMFERENCE The circumference of the ankle is

measured firmly as such, not the looseness resources. At the end of the circumference of the leg, we measure the circumference so that the leg can be obtained from the leg without unnecessary fumes.

6. HEM LENGTH (INNER AND OUTER SEAM) The length of the hem is measured in two

different places, indoor and outer seam. Measure the outer seam from the outer edge of your leg to the desired waist height you specify. The inner seam is measured from the crotch seam to the desired length of the hem. Measure both seams along the foot.



BESPOLE Are you frustrated with fitting and finding the perfect jeans? Are the jeans always too big at the waist or the legs too long? Now you have the opportunity to order jeans that are customized for your body. Are you interested?