"My jeans break down every two months... And I can't find a place to take where to take it. Are yours falling apart, too? Recycling centers only accept intact material... At least not these mixed waste them... after all, they are subjected to waste incineration in Finland. Even jeans are broken, so there's still a lot of intact material left in more jeans. Even denim is a really lovely and durable material."
Would you like to donate jeans? We'll take it. Read more.

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The story of the Piece Of Jeans brand started with jeans. "Jeans new jeans" Read the origin story of the whole business idea here.







According to the EU Waste Directive, separate collection of textiles will become mandatory by

2025. Finland is trying to find opportunities to organise separate collection points for textile waste even before the deadline for the Waste Directive. Textile waste containers would also be included at waste collection points alongside bio-and-cardboard collection.
"Instead of deciding to throw your broken or little-used clothes in the trash, find a new and unique use for your garment in the circular economy of ethical and sustainable fashion. Even if your garment is no longer usable, all or part of the material of your garment can be fully utilised in the manufacture of a new product."
Good examples here include denim and leather, as they stand the test of time. A second-hand product doesn't always mean dirty and naughty, but can conjur up valuable and stunningly impressive design using today's methods.
As the climate warms and natural resources decline, the power of the community and people together emerges. The circular economy would not succeed without determined people working together, who are committed to the ideas behind the circular economy and have taken the right approach to the achievements it enables. The circular economy mindset is aware that not everything can and must not be achieved alone, but that things are done together, borrowed, distributed and recycled. Big changes don't happen quickly or alone. "We need to CO2llaborate".