There are many kinds of jeans. Models include slimfit, loosefit, bootcut,... they are available for women, men, children and adults. But all of these are united by the fact that the width of the heer is narrower than the length of the heer itself. In addition, the width of the hemp is often larger at the top of the thigh than, for example, in the legs. Another unifying factor is how the cotton threads on the hew go, that the fabric works technically correctly in jeans.


"The denim fabric has the technically correct and wrong directions that need to be identified in order to make jeans."

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Think about whether your jeans are more flexible in length or width. If you take your jeans by the hem, will your hem be more flexible in which direction? -That's right, in width. The width of the old jeans is the correct direction of use of the denim fabric. Think about how your jeans would work if they didn't be flexible in width at all, but longitudinally yes. yes, I'd get a funny vibe, somehow weird and thstained.

And, while denim is also made without plastic, which creates this strech feature, there are differences in the flexibility of the direction of even stiffer denim fabric and the directions of the yarns that have been taken into account when sewing jeans.

You can guess the conclusion. Because as a material we have old and recycled jeans, and because the bridging narrows wildly as we go towards the legs, and the wire directions have the right and wrong directions, then in width the jeans would not be given very wide stripes, for example. The shape, such as a square, is chosen based on the technicality of the jeans, i.e. the raw material. The result is the most successful in terms of functionality, which is one of the biggest hallmarks of a high-quality brand product.
Piece Of Jeans designed the piece design it used. Read here what model-protected design means in practice.