In Finland, textile waste is currently sorted into mixed waste. Intact and clean clothes are still suitable for sale in recycling centres, but what happens to broken clothes, such as jeans, lying in a mixed waste dumpster? -They are burned.


Many people believe that the problems caused by waste can be eliminated, so to speak, when garbage bags, broken shoes or ripped jeans can be taken from the apartment to the waste canopy. But did you think that now "the cleansing of your home was transferred to the earth's problem?" Huh. That's where the problem starts, unfortunately. The earth is not an active player that could affect the quantity, quality or processing of waste. You're an active player. Incineration releases environmentally harmful emissions into the atmosphere by potenting the greenhouse effect.

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The brand's story began with jeans "jeans new jeans" - a piece of denim - pieces CHEAP FASHION BURDENS NATURE BUT GIVES OPPORTUNITIES TO CREATE A NEW DESIGN "My jeans break down from the


thighs every two months... what to do. Familiar? Is yours falling apart, too? There's nowhere to take you. There's still a lot of intact material left in so many jeans. There's only one point where they've broken down. Denim is a wonderful material. I miss something different. In addition, denim is a really durable material, it takes time and gives opportunities."

The story began with jeans: "Reusea a piece of jeans to make it new jeans". Jeans can sometimes be patched up with a square piece of jeans broken from the knee. How about a thigh position, maybe not. But I like the square. How to attach screen-shaped pieces to others so that it would also take time. Overlapping composition. Which one would I do first. Patchwork fabric began to emerge, and the formula for trousers can be found, so let's try...

Why did we just choose a screen-shaped piece, why not track, for example? Read the blog WHEN AND HOW THE VALUES AND BUSINESS IDEA OF THE ECOLOGICAL DENIM BRAND BEGAN to FORM It has been a long time since my first jeans were completed, of course it took me two


years to sew them without lying. I think the jeans were completed in December 2016 and then I thought about this design protection thing. The fabric is different and personal than I crave. We don't have one of these yet. The people who called the National Board of Patents and Registration were able to recommend buying model protection. Thus, the application for design protection was completed and the certificate was received by post.

"It's November 2018 and almost two years have passed since I protected the fabric." I wondered, "No one will ever see this, and to experience it if I don't boldly announce it." and the idea would certainly have a reason to succeed. After all, this is about the environment. The idea: If the well-being of the environment could be promoted through fashion, how would that sound? Yes, it's pretty amazing.

Social media channels at the end of 2018 made a big turnaround! The most exciting part was bringing out your own idea, but the followers' enthusiasm for the new pattern and the things that influenced the brand gave them confidence.



"It's been about a year since the social media channel, brand and name were set up. My first jeans made for myself are still there, the manufacture of jeans has been completely outsourced, denim donations come from both private and large companies, and the product range has grown steadily in the online store." The possibilities given by the fabric were not realised to me until later, and there are many things you can do about this. The range continues to grow and develop. There are jeans, a denim bag, a makeup bag, a headphone bag, cassertons, earrings and all that!

One of the biggest achievements of my entrepreneurial career is definitely when I dared to participate in the Unikorni entrepreneurship competition in autumn 2019. Through qualifying to the final, the grand jury's comments and the final victory gave a huge amount more belief that this business idea can take over the world! "Better choices in everyday life can be made in a spectacular and personal way. Model protection behind the birth of a brand is a tremendous way to protect a business idea like this. Sometimes the level of competitors is weak - this year it is not," commented the competition judges on our business idea.


Would you like to donate jeans and give your unused or broken clothes unfit for recycling centers a new lease of life?