Fashion, jeans, textile waste and recycling. As all these things have connected today and the world of the 2020s, a new fashion phenomenon has emerged in denim fashion. Namely, the patchwork trend. Patchwork jeans, pala jeans, patchworkjeans - you name it. Patchwork jeans are assembled from pieces. Piece Of Jeans does this ecologically using removal textiles, i.e. denim waste, as its material.

What is the price of responsible fashion and fast fashion? Many simplify the price of a garment to consist only of its manufacture: "How can this garment be so expensive to make? Or "Why do they ask for so much cover for a garment?"

What factors can be used to identify responsible fashion? What are the means to choose responsible fashion? Responsible fashion takes into account both people and the environment. Responsibility the clothing industry can therefore be viewed from three major perspectives: social, economic and environmental responsibility perspectives.