Miksi puhutaan bootcut-farkuista? Mitä bootcut farkut ovat ja mistä piirteistä leveälahkeiset bootcut farkut tunnistaa? Bootcut-farkut ovat historiassa olleet niin naisten kuin miestenkin farkkumalli. Leveälahkeiset bootcut-farkut ovat vaatekaapin ja farkkutyylien klassikko.

Fashion, jeans, textile waste and recycling. As all these things have connected today and the world of the 2020s, a new fashion phenomenon has emerged in denim fashion. Namely, the patchwork trend. Patchwork jeans, pala jeans, patchworkjeans - you name it. Patchwork jeans are assembled from pieces. Piece Of Jeans does this ecologically using removal textiles, i.e. denim waste, as its material.

The origin and history of the name of the jeans is not entirely certain. Depending on the source, too. Some researchers believe that demin was the first to be woven in Nimes, France. It is thought that the name of the demin cloth would be a shortening of the words 'de Nimes'. Some of the researchers have the belief that demin was born in Genoa, Italy. The French name Genes would be the basis for the English name jeans Jeans. Some also believe demin evolved from dungaree fabric brought from India to Europe by the British in the 17th century.