Why are we talking about bootcut jeans? What are bootcut jeans and what features do wide-hefted bootcut jeans recognize?

Bootcut denim model is a wide-leg denim model that widens from the knee to the leg. The width of the hem is restrained and should not be confused with a more generous flare/trumpet denim model. The waist of bootcut jeans and the thighs are normally sturdy. In the past, the bootcut denim model has also been perceived as a low-waisted wall as a denim model. Today, however, in many jeans of this model, the waist reaches a natural waist, about the height of the navel.

Bootcut jeans are a merciful denim model for many body types, as it balances a wide hip or shoulder line. As the name "bootcut" of jeans tells us, bootcut jeans fit and are designed to be used with high boots. The bootcut-type flared bridging bridging allows you to place the hem of the jeans on top of a higher shoe model. The wide bootcut bream can fly freely and spectacularly on top of the shoe.

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high-toed boots. The flared bream sits niftyly on top of the shoe and does not remain uncomfortably on the ruted shoe boundary.

Sailors also wore bootcut jeans in the 1850s, and it was the benefits of a wide heft that made it possible to wear boots without much trouble. Jeans cut for boots also became popular with cowboys and livestock workers because they were comfortable and the use of boots was easy, which was essential for everyday work. As cowboys began to disappear from the real world, Hollywood brought bootcut jeans with boots to its West movies, and again wide-hefted ones became hit jeans.

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When the 60s turned into the 70s, fashion became more individual than in previous years. The hippie fashion was accompanied by sturdy-fabric jeans and wide legs. In the mid-1970s, Finland had the biggest denim boom, when there were many denim brands on the market. The legs of the jeans were wide until the late '70s. In this case, even evening clothes did not differ greatly from everyday clothes, but jeans were used diligently.

"The hallmarks of the denim fashion of the time included wide flaming pounds on the lower parts, a high waist above the natural waistline, and the blatant use of colours."



STYLES In the 21st century, the popularity of the bootcut jeans model was left at the feet of straw jeans. Today, bootcut denim is here to stay, it has even been named the cornerstone of the wardrobe. Wide-hefted bootcut jeans are the biggest classic of denim models. Bootcut jeans are still an acceptable model of denim for both men and women.

For someone in the '70s, bootcuts bring a lovely variety of slimfit-style straw jeans that have won for a long time in the wardrobe. The Piece Of Jeans bootcut denim model can be styled in a simple, classic and easy look by pairing jeans with a basic white t-shirt. For a more sno 70s bootcut style, combine colour with the top. Combined with high heels, bootcut models are an effective way to bring out your legs and bring the desired extra length to your body. Bootcuts are so versatile as a model that bootcuts sit both younger and older, and the style of jeans bends to many.

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